About Us

SHEFFIELD PUGS‘ extensive history began in 1961 when Margery A Shriver bred and finished her first home bred Champion. Over the next 20 years, Margery developed SHEFFIELD PUGS into one of the top show and breeding Kennels in the world. John and Jackie Rothenberg started working closely with Margery in the mid 1980s. Bonita Fichtenbaum joined the team in the early 2000s. Sadly we lost Margery in 2015, but because of the great overlap in experience, we are able to continue in the spirit of SHEFFIELD PUGS, following the standards Margery established.

Margery A Shriver
showing pug, Bun.
John Rothenberg
showing pug, Lexi.
Bonita Fichtenbaum
showing pug, Soñador.

SHEFFIELD PUGS‘ achievements are too numerous to list individually, but as a collective, there are several noteworthy categories of achievement. Currently SHEFFIELD PUGS is approaching 150 AKC Champions. Our principal stud dogs hold most of the top producing records. In addition these principal stud dogs are found in many of the breeding programs of top kennels and have produced over 300 AKC Champions. More recently, SHEFFIELD PUGS has entered the competitive AKC Companion Events arena, with Bonita earning Agility, Obedience and Rally titles on multiple pugs.

We believe that our solid foundation in the past and ongoing dedication to the pug breed gives us the ability to continue the quality and principles for which SHEFFIELD PUGS is widely know.

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